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Smart Sticker Holds Phones, Tables, GPS and more - Gray

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Create the best selfies and videos, place your GPS, easily follow a makeup tutorial, comfortably watch your favorite series, or enjoy your device in new, extraordinary places! 

It also flips out and hold your phone so that you can watch your favorite videos.


Tech Specs
Form: Square sticker
Height: 2.2 in / 5.5 cm
Weight: 0.5 oz / 15 g

How To Use

SMART STICKER uses a special patented adhesive that leaves no stain, mark or dirt, once removed from the surface where it adheres.

You can use SMART STICKER on glass, mirrors, plastic, wood, cement, tiles ... and generally any surface smooth and compact.
(It is not advisable to use it on freshly painted walls or wallpaper as some paint or paper could be left attached.)

SMART STICKER does not stick on wet or damp surfaces.

To easily remove 
the device from the surface to where it is attached, rotate it slightly and then gently pull it on one side and towards you. (Do not rotate it abruptly because it can leave a mark and damage the rubber sticker.)

It fits onto the majority of mobile devices as well as mobile cases without having to remove them. It is easy to remove your SMART STICKER to change it without damaging the case or covering.



  • Step 1 / Open the pack
  • Step 2 / Clean and dry the back side of your device
  • Step 3 / Remove the liner from the adhesive side of your SMART STICKER
  • Step 4 / Stick it on your device making sure the sticker opens downward once on
  • Step 5 / Remove the liner from the inner side of your SMART STICKER
  • Step 6 / Stick your device almost ANYWHERE. When you remove your device, close the cover to your SMART STICKER.


Does temperature affect a Smart Sticker?

Smart Sticker work in normal living temperatures from 0° C/32° F to  120° F/50° C.

How long will my Smart Sticker last?

Smart Sticker keep suction power over time if kept clean and undamaged. A well cared for and undamaged one will last many months to years. Use a cover, one is provided with the product. By cleaning your Smart Sticker with a damp cloth or paper towel, you can repeatedly rejuvenate and indefinitely extend the useful life of your Smart Sticker. If it becomes damaged replace it with a new Smart Sticker.

Can I use my own protective cover with Smart Sticker?

Yes. Choose your favorite object that is the size of a credit card. A laminated, plastic, or glossy object works best. Examples of covers can be ID cards, credit cards, photos, business cards, etc. Use your imagination and make your 

What surfaces will not work with a Smart Sticker?

Smart Sticker will not work on wet or oily surfaces or surfaces that are uneven, dirty, or porous. Certain chemicals or solvents can damage them. Unsure of your surface or suction contact? Exercise caution before letting go of your device.

What is the “Smart Sticker Test”?

Use the “Smart Sticker Test” to assess the suction contact with a slight pull on the device, like checking a suction cup for suction. The device should adhere tightly to and not come off of the surface. Do not let go of your device if it does not pass the “Smart Sticker Test” or if there is any doubt about whether there is sufficient suction to hold the device.

Will my Smart Sticker always work?

Test your application. Make sure the condition of the Smart Sticker, the surface chosen, and the suction contact are sufficient to support the device for the amount time you plan on Smart Sticker supporting the device. Smart Sticker sticks temporarily, and like all suction devices, the duration of suction cannot be predicted. Use Smart Sticker responsibly and at your own risk. Be smart and enjoy your Smart Sticker safely.

Use Smart Sticker at your own risk.

You alone are 100% responsible for:

  1. assessing the suitability of your Smart Sticker for the task you choose;
  2. assessing the suitability of the surface you choose for Smart Sticker suction with your Smart Sticker including taking into account the condition of your Smart Sticker and the condition of the surface;
  3. assessing the suitability of your Smart Sticker and the surface you choose for the duration of the task you choose;
  4. determining if the shape and weight of your device or other item is suitable for use with your Smart Sticker;
  5. ensuring that your Smart Sticker is clean, dry, and has suction capability sufficient for the task you choose;
  6. determining when your Smart Sticker’s useful life (taking into account how you use your Smart Sticker) is waning and/or has ended;
  7. replacing your Smart Sticker in a timely manner;
  8. securely attaching Smart Sticker to your phone, case (including securely attaching your case to your device), tablet, or other item;
  9. choosing flat, dry, clean, nonporous surfaces and always performing the Smart Sticker Test; and
  10. choosing surface(s) that are not susceptible to damage from the strong suction of a Smart Sticker

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